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Web Resources


These are a few of the pastors and teachers who have been blessings to many of us at Trinity Bible Church.



These are blogs that we have found edifying (and often a little entertaining, too).

  • Informing the Reforming. Tim ChalliesĀ is a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. He is also an author, publisher, and book reviewer. Tim blogs on many issues facing the Christians and the church from a Reformed perspective. is an excellent resource for the book reviews on many recent releases.
  • Pyromaniacs: Setting the World on Fire. What do Charles Spurgeon, Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips, and Frank Turk have in common? They all write for Pyromaniacs, a Christian blog that confronts issues head-on. Okay, that might be a little bit misleading. Spurgeon is featured in “Your weekly dose of Spurgeon,” and Johnson (who works closely with John MacArthur) posted regularly at Pyromaniacs until 2012 and now appears in a regular “best of” feature. But Phillips and Turk are still generating new material.


Theology and Study Resources

These are some additional resources that we have found helpful in study.

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library. The Christian Classics Ethereal Library contains thousands of searchable classic Christian works available in digital form. Many of these books and papers are not readily available anywhere else digitally and are very difficult to find in print. Everything here is in the public domain (no copyright), meaning most were written before 1923. The older language can be a challenge, but many of these resources are worth the effort.
  • The London Baptist Confession of 1689. The London Baptist Confession most closely mirrors our beliefs at Trinity Bible Church, with very few areas of disagreement. The most significant area where we differ from the Confession is that we are not as strictly Sabbatarian as the Confession is. Overall, we consider the Confession to be an accurate summary of the truth of God’s word.