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Sermons from July 2017

Models of Christian Service

As we wrap up our study in Acts 9, we can look to the examples of Peter and Dorcas (or in Syrian, Tabitha), and how these two portrayed a servant’s heart in serving others, even those who may not seem to be like someone you would find hard to serve. We are told in scripture to put the interests of others above your own, and how we can love those and how we can do so by the power of the gospel.

Two Men, Three Calls

As we continue in Acts 9, we read about how God used a man named Ananias in His calling of Saul. We can learn from Ananias’ response to God’s command for him to look for Saul and how in this life we are called to obedience to God, and the fact that we will suffer for His sake. But we do have a blessing and reward in Jesus Christ and how we can, knowing this, pursue the specifics of our lives in light of God’s gift to us.

From Predator to Prey

We begin to read Acts 9 now, starting with the conversion of Saul and how he went from a man who was hostile to Jesus and His followers, to he himself being redeemed by God, and how God showed Saul grace and mercy, instead of seeking vengeance against him. We can see in this how we who believe were once spiritually blinded, but now by God’s grace can see.