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Sermons from January 2018

A Tale of Two Cities

Throughout Paul’s ministry, there were many times where he was either accepted or rejected as he entered cities. In Acts 17, Paul went to Thessolonica, where he was not warmly welcomed by the Jews. A mob was formed and they had him removed from the city. They then went to Berea, where Paul went and taught in the synagogue. The Jews of Berea “received the word with all eagerness”, and examined the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul taught was true. Many believed because of these things. We can compare these two cities and gain valuable information. The Bereans received the word with all eagerness and continually searched the scriptures for wisdom, where the Thessalonians did not like the message that Paul taught and rather hated them. The Bereans set a good example before us in how re can better understand the Word of God, and gain wisdom from reading His Word.

The Philippian Jailer

After Paul and Silas’ encounter with the slave girl earlier on, they get imprisoned in Philippi. While in prison, there was a great earthquake that shook the doors open, which allowed Paul and Silas to escape. The jailer saw that the doors were wide open and was about to kill himself, when Paul cried out to him and showed the jailer that they were still there. After that, the jailer asked what he had to do to be saved. Paul told the jailer that he had to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and he and his household would be saved. In today’s sermon, we look at the conversion of the jailer, and what we can take from this message and how it can to apply to our own conversion and our own lives after we are saved.

The Slave Girl

Today we take a look at Acts 16:16-24, where Paul and Silas encounters the slave girl in Philippi. The slave girl followed both Paul and Silas for many days, proclaiming that they were servants of the Most High God, proclaiming the way to salvation. Paul became annoyed and commanded the spirit to come out of the slave girl. This, then led the slave owners to get angry at Paul which then led to them being sent to prison. In this passage, we look at Paul’s response to the girl’s condition and what it means, as well as what else we can take from this encounter in how we associate with others, even if they profess Christ, but don’t walk in the ways of Christ.