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Born of God

What does it mean to be born of God? When does it happen? And what are the results? In 1 John 5:1-5 addresses the the new birth we have in Christ.

Born of God

Born of God

  • Regeneration is the theological term for being born again.
  • This is absolutely essential in order to enter the kingdom of God.
  • Jesus uses birth as an analogy in part to show that you had nothing to do with your regeneration.
    • Both physical and spiritual birth:
      • You neither chose to be born nor contributed to it.
      • You weren’t even particularly aware of it until it happened.
  • God alone chose whom he is going to regenerate.
  • Election was God’s first work in salvation.
  • Regeneration is his second work.
  • Those are followed by justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, etc.
  • Being born of God also means we take on certain characteristics of God.
    • Biological children often have a physical likeness to their parents.
    • Likewise spiritual children have a spiritual likeness to their Father.



  • John says that Jesus’ commandments are not burdensom.
    • Jesus commandments are no different from the law.
    • To the degree that there is a distinction, they both still represent God’s perfect standard for righteousness.
  • The commandments seem burdensome because no one has ever been able to keep them.
  • Jesus’ commandments are burdensome for those who still have an old, fallen nature.
    • The law is impossible to keep (for fallen men).
    • It serves only to condemn them and justify God as a righteous judge.
  • Jesus’ commandments are not burdensome for those who have been born of God—who have a new nature.
    • Though your nature is righteous, you are still encumbered buy the remnants of sin and will not obey it perfectly.
    • But you will experience your greatest joy when you are fulfilling that new nature through obedience (and belief and love).

Only the man who follows the command of Jesus single-mindedly, and unresistingly lets his yoke rest upon him, finds his burden easy, and under its gentle pressure receives the power to persevere in the right way. The command of Jesus is hard, unutterably hard, for those who try to resist it. But for those who willingly submit, the yoke is easy, and the burden is light.  —Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship


  • The way of the world is bondage to sin and death.
  • To overcome the world is to escape sin and death.
  • The one who conquers receives salvation.
  • To be born of God and to have overcome the world are inseparable.
  • It is our faith that supplies us victory over the world.
    • God has overcome the world by his power and grace.
    • Faith is the conduit by which we receive salvation.
    • Faith in the wrong thing accomplishes nothing.
    • Faith in Jesus the Son of God saves.