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Decision Making According to God’s Word

There are two primary views among Christians when it comes to decision making.

Common View on Decision Making (Specific Will)

This has been the common view on decision making for the past 150 years.

This view holds that while God’s Word provides basic instruction right and wrong, it does not provide specific instruction. But God does have an ideal will for each one of us that we are expected to discern. We are to discern what God wants by looking to the Spirit to lead through clues, impressions, promptings, peace, open doors, etc.

Wisdom View on Decision Making

This was the common view on decision making in the early church and following the Reformation.

According to this view, God’s Word provides everything we need to know for right living. It is either expressly stated or it gives principles to guide us. We are not to try to discern what God wants from us beyond obedience to His Word. We are to follow the revealed will of God and trust His providence.

Comparing the Two Views on Decision Making

In order to evaluate both views on decision making and decide between them, Tim examined the biblical instructions for making important decisions such as those involving marriage, giving, the future/career, and resolving disputes between believers. How does the Bible say we should make these decisions? Does the biblical instruction in each of these areas suggest one view over the other? Listen to the sermon to find out how God’s word instructs us to approach the important issue of decision making.