Committed to teaching and obeying the word of God

The Call to Evangelism

Evangelism is Grounded in God’s Word

  • God’s word was the foundation for everything in Jesus’ life.
  • Jesus had told the disciples that he would fulfill everything written about him in the Old Testament.
  • Jesus prepared the disciples to evangelize when he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.
  • The seed that causes one to be born again comes through the word of God.
  • It impossible to be saved without hearing the good news (which is from the Bible).

Evangelism is Based on Christ’s Work

  • Salvation is available because of Jesus’ suffering and rising from the dead.
  • The cross is central to the gospel message. Because of the cross:
    • We are legally declared legally righteous (justification).
    • God’s wrath is satisfied (propitiation).
    • God and man are reunited (reconciliation).
    • We become his children (adoption).
    • We are freed from sin (liberation).
    • The price for our sins is paid (redemption).

Evangelism is a Call to Repentance

  • True repentance and forgiveness of sins always go together.
  • This repentance is not making yourself stop sinning.
    • You aren’t capable of doing this in any significant way.
    • To the degree that you can do it, it’s only superficial and doesn’t represent true transformation.
  • This repentance is letting go of your sin in faith that God will transform you.
    • This still takes striving and self-control.
    • But it is God who supplies all of the transforming power.
  • The point of the gospel is to free people from their sin.
  • Evangelism that ignores repentance is really not evangelism at all.

Evangelism Begins Where You Are

  • Jesus told the disciples to evangelize ________________ first
  • This was according to the ________________ God planned for the gospel to go to the world
  • But it also illustrates that you don’t need to ________________ to share the gospel

Evangelism Extends to the World

  • Jesus told the disciples that these things should be proclaimed to all nations.
  • In addition to sharing the gospel locally, we must be committed to global mission.
    • Pray.
    • Support.
    • Go.

Evangelism Undertaken by People

  • Jesus told the disciples that they were the witnesses of these things.
  • The means by which the gospel goes out is someone preaching.
    • This includes formal preaching.
    • But it also includes any time the gospel is explained consistent with God’s Word.

Evangelism is Powered by the Holy Spirit

  • Jesus said that the disciple would receive power from on high, meaning the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers evangelism in two ways:
    • He supernaturally equips (gifts) the evangelists.
    • He prepares, convicts, and quickens (makes alive) the elect.