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Faith that Delights Jesus

Luke 7:1-10

Two Miracles

This passage in Luke’s Gospel contains two miracles. There’s the miracle we all notice right away, the healing of the centurion’s servant. That’s an amazing miracle. Jesus healed a man who was certainly dying. And Jesus did so from some distance away, just by speaking the word. The second miracle might escape our notice, but it’s an even greater miracle — the faith of the Roman centurion.

The Centurion’s Faith

The centurion was not a likely candidate to put his faith in Jesus. In fact, everything we know about him suggests he’s the kind of person who would¬†not¬†respond to Jesus. He was a gentile who almost certainly was not raised to love and fear God. It’s very unlikely that he heard as he was growing up of God’s law, of His holy standard. He would not have known that he had offended God and was destined for an eternity of wrath. Nor would have had heard of a coming Messiah, One who would take away the sin of all those who belong to Him.

But while stationed in Israel, this Roman centurion had clearly heard God’s word. And beyond any human wisdom, he had apparently come to believe it. When Jesus came to his city, and in a time of great trial, this centurion demonstrated a faith that Jesus said He had not found, “not even in Israel.” And that faith delighted Jesus.

Faith that Delights Jesus

It’s our goal at Trinity Bible Church that each of us would display that same kind of faith, a faith that delights our Lord. Listen to the sermon to examine that faith and find out what made it so precious.