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How To Grow: An Introduction to 2 Peter

Suppose you were nearing the end of your life, and you knew it. And you had an opportunity to write a letter to a group of people you cared deeply about. They were receive the letter. They would read it. And they would keep it and re-read it for their entire lives. What would you write?

That’s was the situation Peter found himself in. He was going to die soon, and he knew that. So he wrote 2 Peter to the sheep Jesus had left him to tend. And Peter’s primary concern in the letter is that they grow. Peter admonishes them to grow, and he tells themĀ how to grow.

We approach this introduction to 2 Peter in an unusual way. We start with theĀ last two verses of the entire book. We do that because these are Peter’s own summary of the book. In these verses, we find what the book is all about. We’ll examine the five basic things Peter tells us in these verses and relate them to the letter as a whole:

  1. Peter encourages us to grow.
  2. He tells us to grow in grace.
  3. He tells us to grow in knowledge.
  4. He tells us to guard our stability.
  5. He points us to the glory of God.