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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit: Part One

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Before we can delve into the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we must first understand who the He is. In the sermon, we emphasize that God is one God. He is one God, but He is three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is fully God — every bit as much as the Father and Son. And He is also a person. We consider several scriptures that demonstrate this.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Romans 8 is perhaps the definitive chapter on the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the Bible. In this sermon we consider the first four verses.

Jesus Christ won a victory on the cross. He defeated sin and death. But that victory is only effective when it is applied individually and personally in someone’s life. That is the beginning of the ministry of the Spirit. The He frees us from sin and death (based on what Christ did on the cross) and enables us to fulfill God’s righteous requirement.

Over the next couple of weeks we will see how the Spirit’s multi-faceted ministry all flows from what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection.