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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit: Part Three

Ephesians 1:3-14; Romans 8:1-26

The Roles of the Trinity in Redemption

In order to properly understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we must understand how He relates to the other members of the Godhead. What roles do the Father and the Son play in the redemption of man? And then what role does the Holy Spirit play in cooperation to bring about the ultimate end.

In this sermon, we first consider the eternal purpose of God in the redemption of man. And we examine the overall roles that each person of the Godhead plays in that plan.

The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

Then we consider how the Holy Spirit applies the Father’s plan and the Son’s work in the life of believers to prepare them for glory. We examine nine specific elements of Jesus’ work that Holy Spirit now applies to the lives of believers in very practical ways.