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Jesus’ Authority

Luke 4:31-41

Jesus’ Authority Over the Effects of Sin: Sermon Overview

Jesus demonstrated His authority in very real though temporal ways. In this passage, He teaches with authority, He rebukes demons, and He rebukes sickness. He does this for two purposes: (1) to authenticate His ministry, and (2) as an illustration of the greater, eternal authority that He will exercise one day.

Jesus’ Word Possessed Authority

Jesus used scripture in every aspect of His ministry. He used it to resist temptation and the devil. He used it when He taught. He used it to answer questions. And He used it to prove that He was the Christ and to defend His deity. And His use of the word gave Him authority.

But Jesus also had authority that was not dependent on His use of scripture. He was God.  And although His glory was veiled, beneath the veil was the same authority that had called the universe into existence.

Jesus Demonstrated Authority Over Demons

Jesus rebuked the demon in the synagogue. He silenced it and commanded it to come out. And it had no choice but to obey Him. Jesus’ demonstration of authority over demons foreshadowed His eventual total victory over Satan the entire spiritual realm.

Jesus Demonstrated Authority Over Sickness

Sickness is an effect of sin — not necessarily the sin of the one who is sick, but if sin had never entered the world, there would not have been disease. Adam’s sin, the fall, is the reason there is sickness.

But Jesus showed His authority over this effect of sin. He rebuked the fever in Simon’s mother-in-law, and the fever left her. Jesus’ demonstration of authority over sickness foreshadowed His eventual total victory over death — the ultimate result of the fall.