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Joseph: Godliness in Difficult Times

Genesis 39

The third in a series on the Life of Joseph.  Joseph displays great faithfulness and godliness although he is face with great difficulties. He stands firm even though he is alone in his faith. He resists temptation. And he remains godly despite bitter disappointment.

Joseph Persevered:

When He Was Alone

Joseph’s life with his family had been difficult in many ways. His brothers were wicked, and his father was foolish, at least in certain areas. But there were also positive spiritual influences. It was there that he was introduced to God. There was structure, accountability, and encouragement to help him remain faithful. But now that he is in Egypt, all that is gone.

We may experience the same thing Joseph did. Circumstances may remove the positive influences in our lives. This happens when students leave home for college or soldiers leave for the military. It happens on a smaller scale when we travel for business and find ourselves in a strange city where no one knows us. It even happens when we are home alone when our family is out, and no one is there to hold us accountable.  Then we are faced with similar difficulties to the ones faced by Joseph.

But Joseph persevered in godliness because his faith was personal. Joseph was aware of God’s presence and proved that he did not make good choices just to please his earthly father. This is important in our lives, too, if we are to pursue godliness even when no one is around.

Under Persistent Temptation

Potiphar’s wife didn’t give up. She was persistent in her pursuit of Joseph. She was determined to have him. But Joesph did not waver. He resisted her advances. He refused to even listen to her suggestions. He avoided her presence, and he fled when she pursued him. We can learn from Joseph.

In the Face of Cruel Disappointment

When his master’s wife lied and Joseph was thrown into prison, he lost everything he had worked for during the past 11 years. It had to be disappointing.

But the real disappointment would have been if Joseph had given in and sinned. That was Joseph’s view, and that must be our view, too, if we want to pursue godliness at all costs.