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Persistent Expectant Prayer

Luke 11:5-13

A Parable of Prayer

  • Most parable’s illustrate a single point or truth.
  • We must be careful not to perceive unintended meaning from minor details.
  • The point of this parable is that persistence in prayer pays off.
  • If even an annoyed friend responds to persistence, how much more will a benevolent God respond?

Persistent Prayer

  • Jesus gives three commands: ask, seek, and knock.
    • These are present imperatives (be always asking, be always seeking, be always knocking).
    • We are continually to ask.
      • This is active asking.
      • You relentlessly pursue the Father through your prayers.
    • We are continually to seek.
      • You begin to looking for the answers.
      • You prepare yourself to receive the answers.
    • We are continually to knock.
      • This means to persist.
      • You never assume that the answer is no just because you haven’t received an answer yet.

Expectant Prayer

  •  The Illustration.
    • Jesus illustrates the heavenly Father’s willingness to give us good gifts by pointing our our desire to give our own children good gifts.
  • The General Promise.
    • The certainty: “if you . . . .”
    • The extent: “how much more.”
    • The source: “heavenly Father.”
    • The content: “good gifts.”
  • The Specific Promise.
    • The Holy Spirit.
    • The Spirit is foundational to fulfilling every other promise.