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Power for Life

2 Peter 1:2-3

As we saw in the introduction to 2 Peter a few weeks ago, Peter’s main theme is growth. He wants Christians to grow in Christ, to mature spiritually In this letter he instructs us in how to do that and warns us about the things that will interfere with that growth. But before he begins that instruction, he wants us to have full confidence that we can grow. So he assures us that God has provided us with everything that we need for life and godliness — everything that we need to grow.

God’s Power

It is by God’s power that he grants us all that we need. If we understand God’s power — if we know what he is capable of — we can know beyond any doubt that we have everything necessary for growth. The power that raised Jesus from the death is more than enough power to cause us to grow.

What is Necessary for Life

God provides us all things that we need to grow. This begins with righteousness, the fundamental characteristic necessary for spiritual life. We aren’t capable of righteousness on our own, but God through Christ has accomplished it for us. Other necessities for spiritual life also include faith, repentance, the Holy Spirit, and God’s word, all of which God has provided to us by his divine power.