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A Tale of Two Cities

Throughout Paul’s ministry, there were many times where he was either accepted or rejected as he entered cities. In Acts 17, Paul went to Thessolonica, where he was not warmly welcomed by the Jews. A mob was formed and they had him removed from the city. They then went to Berea, where Paul went and taught in the synagogue. The Jews of Berea “received the word with all eagerness”, and examined the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul taught was true. Many believed because of these things. We can compare these two cities and gain valuable information. The Bereans received the word with all eagerness and continually searched the scriptures for wisdom, where the Thessalonians did not like the message that Paul taught and rather hated them. The Bereans set a good example before us in how re can better understand the Word of God, and gain wisdom from reading His Word.