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When Your World Falls Apart

Some have called it the worst day in David’s life. He family was a mess. His kingdom was in disarray. He was in danger of losing his throne. Even his life was in jeopardy.

And the man who was trying to kill him was his own son.

Yet, even when David’s world was falling apart, even when he was in danger of losing everything he had in this world, he worshiped God. As he fled Jerusalem, weeping as he went, he stopped to worship. And as he worshiped, he wrote Psalm 3.

David begin this Psalm by bringing his trouble to God. But he doesn’t linger on his distress. He quickly moves on to expressing his dependence on God. And it is through that commitment to trust in God that David finds deliverance. He doesn’t know what the outcome will be. There is no guarantee that he will regain his kingdom, that his relationship will his son will be restored, or even that his life will be spared. But David trusted God. And in that trust, David finds peace, confidence, and ultimately triumph.